Vietnam vet’s beloved Chevy Corvette heads to auction

Vietnam vet's beloved Chevy Corvette heads to auctionINDIANAPOLIS — When Keith Richard Litavsky returned home from fighting on the front line in the Vietnam War, he did so with two Purple Hearts and one more mission to accomplish.

That mission took him to an Illinois car dealership where he purchased the car he had been dreaming about while serving overseas: a marina blue 1967 Chevrolet Corvette.

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Paid for with money he’d sent home from the war for that very purpose, Keith Litavsky took meticulous care of the car.

He kept diaries of its use where he logged each time he started it and the RPMs he hit. He never drove it in the rain. He refused to park it in the sun. He even instructed his five children not to talk to anyone about the car out of fear it would be stolen.

After decades of caring for the vehicle, Keith Litavsky died in 1993 of cancer from exposure to Agent Orange on his last mission in Vietnam. That is when his son, Matt, inherited the car and vowed to carry on his father’s legacy of meticulous care and sharing each magical moment with the dream car with his growing family.

Source: Vietnam vet’s beloved Chevy Corvette heads to auction