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All departments are open this Friday, New Year’s Eve, from 9 am to 3 pm!  And, we have GIANT BOWS for vehicle deliveries.

Now is a fantastic time to own a new Chevrolet.  Not only do we have a large selection of new Chevrolets in stock – but Chevrolet is offering some really amazing incentives.  If you have any questions, please visit our showroom, shop our website or call our Customer Care Team at 630-898-9630.
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2022 GMC Sierra AT4 vs. 2022 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss: Mechanical Differences

2022 GMC Sierra AT4 vs. 2022 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss: Mechanical Differences

The 2022 GMC Sierra AT4 and 2022 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss are similar in a number of ways – both are GM full-size pickups equipped for off-roading adventures, with the GM T1 body-on-frame platform under the skin. However, while these two vehicles do share quite a bit, there are numerous mechanical differences worth pointing out as well. Now, GM Authority is looking into the specific mechanical differences between the 2022 GMC Sierra AT4 and 2022 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss.

2022 GMC Sierra AT4 vs. 2022 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss: Mechanical Differences
2022 GMC Sierra AT4 vs. 2022 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss: Mechanical Differences

From the off, we need to mention that there are two trim levels for the 2022 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss, including the Silverado Custom Trail Boss and the Silverado LT Trail Boss, with certain features offered on one of the trim levels, but not the other.

2022 GMC Sierra AT4 vs. 2022 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss: Mechanical Differences Chevy Trail Boss stickerWith that covered, let’s take a closer look at the mechanical differences between the 2022 GMC Sierra AT4 and 2022 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss, starting with the drivetrain. Under the hood, the 2022 GMC Sierra AT4 is equipped as standard with the 3.0L I6 LM2 turbodiesel Duramax, which is rated at 277 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque. By contrast, the Silverado Custom Trail Boss and Silverado LT Trail Boss are both equipped as standard with the turbocharged 2.7L I4 L3B gasoline engine, rated at 310 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque.

2022 GMC Sierra AT4 vs. 2022 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss: Mechanical Differences GMC AT4The 3.0L I6 LM2 is optional in the Silverado Trail Boss models, while the L3B is not offered for the GMC Sierra AT4. The other two engines to mention include the naturally aspirated 5.3L V8 L84, rated at 355 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque, and offered as optional on the Silverado Trail Boss models, but not the GMC Sierra AT4. Finally, there’s the naturally aspirated 6.2L V8 L87 gasoline engine, rated at 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque, and offered as an optional upgrade for both GMC Sierra AT4 and Chevy Silverado LT Trail Boss models.

2022 GMC Sierra AT4 vs. 2022 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss: Mechanical Differences Duramax GMC AT4For a more complete breakdown of the mechanical differences between the 2022 GMC Sierra AT4 and 2022 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss, dive into the table below:

2022 GMC Sierra AT4 vs. 2022 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss – Mechanical
RPO Code Sierra AT4 Silverado Custom Trail Boss Silverado LT Trail Boss
Turbocharged 2.7L I-4 gasoline engine L3B S S
EcoTec3 5.3L V8 gasoline engine L84 A A
Duramax 3.0L I-6 turbo-diesel engine LM2 S A A
EcoTec3 6.2L V8 gasoline engine L87 A A
8-speed automatic transmission MQE S S
10-speed automatic transmission MQB A
10-speed automatic transmission MQC S A
10-speed automatic transmission MHS A A
10-speed automatic transmission MHT A
Autotrac two-speed electronic transfer case NQH S S S
Trailering Package with 7-pin and 4-pin connectors Z82 S S S
Single exhaust NB5 S S
Dual exhaust with chrome tips N10 S A A
Hitch Guidance with Hitch View PZ8 S A
Hill Descent Control JHD S S S
Skid Plates NZZ S S S
Off-Road Suspension with 2-inch factory installed lift and monotube shocks Z7X S S S
Integrated trailer brake controller JL1 S A A
In-vehicle Trailering App UET S A
Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors PTT A A
Heavy-duty air filter K47 S S S
External engine oil cooler KC4 A A A
Auxiliary external transmission oil cooler KNP A A A
Auto-locking rear differential G80 S S S
Engine block heater K05 S A A

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What to look for when buying a used vehicle

What to look for when buying a used vehicle

Are you in the market for a used vehicle?  What should you look for?  No one wants to get ripped off-but how can you feel good about buying a pre-owned car or truck?

What to look for when buying a used vehicle Used Nissan Altima for sale at Ron Westphal Chevrolet
Used Nissan Altima for sale at Ron Westphal Chevrolet

Well, the dealer you choose has a lot to do with it.  At Ron Westphal Chevrolet, every used vehicle we sell has passed a complete service safety inspection.  No matter how new or how old the used vehicle may be, you can rest assured it has been thoroughly inspected.

If you’re in the market for a used vehicle, don’t hesitate to call our Customer Care Team at 630-898-9630.

GM Certified vehicles have to pass a strict 172 point vehicle inspection.  And, because they are guaranteed to be cream-of-the-crop, they automatically come with a GM-backed extended warranty at no extra cost to you.  So GM Certified vehicles are kind of a no-brainer.  But what if you are looking at something older that doesn’t qualify to be a GM Certified vehicle.  (GM certified vehicles must be within 5 years of the current model year and under 75,000 miles.)

Every vehicle we sell at Ron Westphal Chevrolet has been inspected prior to sale.  Even the older ones.  Even the high-mile ones.  We won’t sell a vehicle if it’s not safe.  We go through each and every vehicle to make sure they are going to be dependable and safe.  That means we may install new brakes, batteries, and tires before we offer a vehicle for sale.

What to look for when buying a used vehicle
What to look for when buying a used vehicle. Did the dealer inspect the vehicle?

You are welcome to request a service history on every used car prior to purchase.  We will be able to tell you exactly what we have done to the vehicle since it has been in our possession.  In addition, we will provide you with a current auto-check history report.  And, of course, you are welcome to take your potential vehicle to a mechanic off-site.  (You must be min 25 years old w/full-coverage insurance.)  Overnight test drives are also available.

The bottom line is we don’t want to sell you a bad car any more than you want to buy one.  Our reputation is on the line so we are going to make sure the vehicle you buy from us is a good one!

What do we do with the vehicles that don’t pass our inspection?  Maybe the car’s frame is bent, or the transmission slips sometimes, the air conditioning doesn’t work etc.  Well, those cars get wholesaled to other dealers and wholesalers.  We won’t sell them here.

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More Inventory In Stock Just In Time For Christmas

The Chevrolet transport trucks have been very busy!

We have been receiving shipments of popular new Chevrolet vehicles such as  Chevy Tahoe and Suburban, Chevy Malibu Sedans, Chevy Silverados, and Chevy Colorados along with Chevy Blazers too!

New Chevy black blazer for sale
New Chevy black blazer for sale at Ron Westphal Chevrolet

Plus, right now Chevrolet is offering Red Tag Bonus Cash on its most popular models.  And, if you are a well-qualified buyer, a 120 Day first payment deferral is available if you finance through GM Financial.

In addition, many new vehicles have special finance rates as low as 0% for up to 72 months!

In conclusion, now is a great time to own a brand new Chevrolet!

Please don’t hesitate to visit our dealership or shop online.  If you have any questions, give us a jingle at 630-898-9630.

FYI, our Sales Department will be OPEN on Christmas Eve from 9 am to 3 pm.  And, yes, we have BIG BOWS!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Ron Westphal Chevrolet.

Ron Westphal Chevrolet is located in beautiful Aurora/Oswego, IL.  We are a modern, family-owned dealership.

Most of our staff has been with us for many years and our customer’s complete satisfaction is our #1 goal.  We hope you consider Ron Westphal Chevrolet the next time you need service or sales.  Thanks!

Refreshed 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 Ready to Order

The fully refreshed 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 officially debuted in September, introducing a revised exterior, an all-new interior, a wealth of cutting-edge technology, and the addition of the new Chevy Silverado ZR2 trim level whose starting price has just been exclusively revealed by GM Authority. Now, we’ve learned from sources close to the matter that order books for the refreshed 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 are now open.

Ron Westphal Chevrolet has the 2022 Chevrolet Silverado in stock now!  Call their Customer Care Team NOW at 630-898-9630 or visit their website.

Order books for the refreshed 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 officially opened today, December 16th. Meanwhile, General Motors stopped taking order for the pre-refreshed 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 Limited on December 9th. Check out the previous GM Authority coverage for a complete breakdown of the refreshed 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 launch timeline.

In addition to revised exterior styling highlighted by a new front fascia, the 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 also features a brand-new cabin space for LT trim levels and above. Highlights of the new interior include a 13.4-inch diagonal color touchscreen and 12.3-inch diagonal configurable digital instrument cluster, as well as built-in features like Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are also included. Check out a complete overview of the redesigned interior with the exclusive GM Authority cabin tour video.

As for the specs, the refreshed 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 is offered with four engine options, starting with the turbocharged 2.7L I4 L3B gasoline engine, which now produces 20 percent more torque for a maximum of 420 pound-feet. The refreshed Silverado is also offered with the atmospheric 5.3L V8 L84 gasoline engine, as well as the atmospheric 6.2L V8 L87 gasoline engine and the 3.0L I6 LM2 turbodiesel Duramax.

Providing the underpinnings is the GM T1 platform. The initial units of the refreshed 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 are set to arrive in dealers in Q1 of 2022. Production will take place at the GM Silao plant in Mexico and GM Fort Wayne plant in Indiana, as well as the GM Oshawa plant in Canada.

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suburban yukon and yukon xl Sales Update

The range of GM SUVs commanded the top two spots in the mainstream full-size SUV segment during the third quarter of 2021. As the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban continued to hold their first place position, the GMC Yukon family pushed the Ford Expedition down to third place during the quarter, a circumstance that hasn’t taken place in at least five years. This noteworthy accomplishment in a very lucrative segment is good news for The General and its shareholders.

Looking for a full-size SUV?  Call Ron Westphal Chevrolet’s Customer Care Team.  We’ll be happy to let you know what we have in stock and when our next vehicle shipment is due.  Feel free to visit our website too!

Cumulative Tahoe and Suburban sales totaled 33,869 units, comprised of 24,202 units of the Tahoe and 9,667 units of the Suburban. The results give Chevy a 46 percent segment share.

Joint sales of the GMC Yukon and GMC Yukon XL totaled 17,428 units, up 24 percent year-over-year. The results give GMC a segment share of 24 percent, enabling Big Red to displace the Ford Expedition family for a second place rank.

Speaking of the Ford Expedition, it missed a second place finish by only 732 units during the quarter, taking 23 percent segment share. Note that Expedition sales figures include those of the regular-length Expedition (a Tahoe competitor) and those of the extended-length Expedition XL (a Suburban competitor), as does the GMC Yukon (Yukon and Yukon XL) while Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon and Yukon XL sales are reported separately.

Taking into account the Tahoe, Suburban, and both Yukon models, GM saw sales rise 15 percent to 51,297 units for a domineering 70 percent segment share during the quarter.

The Chevy Tahoe received a complete overhaul (re-engineering and redesign) of the flagship SUV for the 2021 model year, debuting the Tahoe nameplate’s fifth generation. The Tahoe’s extended-length variant, the 2021 Chevy Suburban, was similarly overhauled for the nameplate’s 12th generation.

Both models feature the most interior space in the full-size SUV class, exclusive technologies and features, and the best driving dynamics in the full-size segment. This was achieved through a complete transformation of Chevrolet’s and GMC’s full-size SUVs, combining the strongest aspects of the Bow Tie’s full-size body-on-frame architecture with entirely new systems tailored to the needs of today’s SUV drivers and passengers. Noteworthy changes include the introduction of the Z71, RST, and High Country trim levels.

Built on the same GM T1 platform, the GMC Yukon range – comprised of the regular-length Yukon and extended-length Yukon XL – similarly received a complete overhaul, representing the model’s fifth generation. The 2021 GMC Yukon lineup enjoys the same improvements mentioned above for Chevrolet, while adding a more upscale Denali model and the first-ever Yukon AT4.

The former features a range-exclusive interior while the latter takes Yukon into the premium off-road space never occupied prior to its introduction.

It’s worth noting that full-size SUVs are extremely lucrative products for General Motors, so much so that the automaker allocated scarcely-available microchips to the vehicles while choosing to pause production of other, less profitable models. In fact, the GM Arlington plant where the Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon and Yukon XL are made, is one of the only GM plants worldwide to not be idled during the ongoing semiconductor shortage.

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Corvette Production Halted

Production of the 2022 Corvette Stingray has been put on pause for at least a week after major tornadoes ripped through Kentucky and caused damage to the GM Bowling Green Assembly plant.

“We can confirm that the fire that took place as a result of the tornado activity at Bowling Green Assembly plant early Saturday morning (December 11th) has caused damage to the facility, including the roof and an employee entrance. The small number of employees that were onsite are all safe,” said Communications Manager at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant, Rachel Bagshaw, in a statement sent to GM Authority.

“Maintaining a safe work environment for plant employees is our top priority. Therefore, we are cancelling production on first and second shift the week of December 13th as our trained teams work to get tooling, equipment, and the facility space up to standard,” she added.

The GM Bowling Green Assembly plant employs 1,200 hourly workers and 180 salaried workers. Hourly workers there are represented by UAW Local 2164.

In a letter sent to plant employees Sunday, UAW Local 2164 Shop Chairman Jason Watson said the plant was “in the path of the widespread devastation and damage,” and that his team was undertaking “preliminary tasks,” at the facility to assess the damage. He also said there were a small number of employees in the plant when the tornado hit, all of whom were marked safe.

Sales of the C8 Corvette Stingray have been strong this year, with GM delivering 24,748 units through the first nine months of the year. Demand has also outpaced supply, with Chevy’s director of car and crossover marketing, Tony Johnson, admitting earlier this year that the automaker was “not even close” to meeting the overwhelming demand for the vehicle.

The 2022 Corvette Stingray entered production at the GM Bowling Green Assembly plant on September 6th. The 2022 model year introduced minor changes to the mid-engine sports car, including three new exterior colors, alterations to the 6.2L LT2 V8 engine for emissions-related improvements and the addition of a new IMSA GTLM Championship C8.R Edition package, among more.

We’ll provide an update on the production situation at Bowling Green Assembly once more information is available.

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Chevy Silverado E

Chevy Silverado E

General Motors will launch production of the upcoming all-electric Chevy Silverado E early in the 2023 calendar year. Production will take place at the recently reopened GM Factory Zero factory in Michigan, previously known as Detroit-Hamtramck, which will also produce the GMC Hummer EV off-roader.

Looking for a Silverado?  Call Ron Westphal Chevrolet’s Customer Care Team at 630-898-9630 or visit us online.

Per a recent report from Reuters, General Motors Executive Vice President Doug Parks confirmed the production timeframe of the upcoming Chevy Silverado E during a recent investor conference. Parks also indicated that the Chevy Silverado E will will be followed by several other GM electric vehicles throughout the 2023 calendar year, including the Chevy Silverado E’s corporate cousin, the GMC Sierra E pickup truck.

The Chevy Silverado E is slated for a debut at the Consumer Electronics Show early next month during a keynote presentation delivered by General Motors CEO Mary Barra. Specs include a full ground-up design geared specifically for an all-electric powertrain, with GM’s Ultium battery technology and GM’s Ultium electric motor technology onboard for motivation. Range-per-charge is expected to be around 400 miles.

Additionally, the Chevy Silverado E will offer four-wheel steering, which will give the truck greater agility and a tighter turning radius at low speeds, plus improved handling and stability at higher speeds. The four-wheel steering system will also enhance the pickup’s trailering dynamics.

Further features confirmed thus far include available 24-inch wheels, coinciding with a statement made by GM design chief Michael Simcoe in 2019 that the automaker was moving towards larger wheel diameters on its production vehicles, including 24 inches 26 inches.

Up top, the Chevy Silverado E will feature an available fixed-glass roof, a first for GM’s full-size pickup nameplate. In addition to providing more ambient lighting in the cabin, the roof will also enhance visibility and provide greater headroom. The cabin will also come equipped with a huge infotainment screen on the dash.

Both fleet and retail versions of the Chevy Silverado E will be offered.

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Chevy MyWay

What is Chevy MyWay?

Enjoy more family time with Chevy MyWay. Schedule a video tour with a Product Specialist right from your home.

Experience A MyWay Live Group Tour

Join an upcoming group live tour and experience a featured Chevrolet vehicle in-depth with the help of one of our live Product Specialists. These interactive tours allow you to ask any question in the live chat, and get answers in real-time.


Schedule a one-on-one live tour at a later time that works best for you. Be sure to keep your audio on so you can chat live with a Product Specialist about our Chevrolet vehicle lineup.

If you have any questions please visit our website or call our customer care team at 630-898-9630.
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Are you looking for a new Chevy forum? 

Are you looking for a new Chevy forum?

Are you looking for a new Chevy forum?  Try this one:


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After 40 years in the automotive industry, we know that there are many places you can purchase your next vehicle, and we want to personally thank you for considering Ron Westphal Chevrolet.

Ron Westphal Chevrolet is a family-owned dealership located in Aurora/Oswego, IL.

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