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Get $100 in FREE GM Accessories

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Chevy display walkthrough at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show

Chevrolet makes a great showing at this years 2019 Detroit Auto Show.  Watch this video to see all the latest models.

The 2019 Detroit Auto Show is also offering additional rebates on our most popular models.  And, just announced today…the addition of FLEX CASH!  Flex Cash is additional cash back that is good in addition to all other incentives but you’ve got to hurry.  When we run out of FLEX CASH there is no more and the offer expires.  So, the early bird gets the FLEX CASH!

Want to see these wonderful Chevrolet models in person?  Visit our dealership located in Aurora, IL on the corner of Route 30 and Route 34 where Aurora meets Oswego, IL.  We’ve got over 450 vehicles in stock to choose from.  Call our customer care team at 630-898-9630 and we’ll make sure your vehicle of choice is cleaned, gassed and parked in our heated facility, ready for your inspection.

Ron Westphal Chevrolet is a family-owned dealership serving the Aurora, Oswego and Yorkville communities for over 30 years!

Thanks for looking at our video about the 2019 Detroit Auto Show.  Hope to see you soon.

2019 Chevrolet Auto Show incentives

Receive an additional $750 OFF MSRP on our most popular models.

2019 Chevrolet Auto Show incentives

2019 Chevrolet Auto Show incentives We have a wide selection of Chevrolet Silverado models (both new 2018 and 2019 old body style and 2019 new body style) in stock to choose from.

Select a new 2019 Chevrolet Trax for as low as $16,027* or how about a family-sized Traverse?  Haul up to 8 passengers for only $29,737.*

  • Traverse 2019 Chevrolet Auto Show incentives

Check out all the features (see below) you get on this new 2019 Chevrolet Traverse stock # N29410.  Call our Customer Care Team at 630-898-9630 to arrange a V.I.P. demonstration drive.

  • 8-passenger seating
    • Provides a 2-3-3 configuration for optimum passenger capacity and comfort
    • Second row 60/40 split flat-folding 3-passenger bench seat
    • Second row passenger-side seat features SmartSlide allowing quick and easy access to third row seating area with a simple pull of a lever
    • Third row 60/40 split flat-folding 3-passenger bench seat
  • Front bucket seats
  • Seat trim, Premium Cloth
  • Manual 60/40 split-folding third row bench seat
    • Can fold one or both sides down
    • Adds cargo- and passenger-carrying versatility to your vehicle
  • 2-way adjustable front head restraints
    • Easily adjust up or down, giving you the comfort you expect
  • 2-way adjustable rear head restraints
    • Second and third row outboard seating positions
  • Front center console
    • Keep valuables and smaller items secure
    • Dual cupholders
    • Large lit bin with removable tray
  • Carpeted floor covering
    • Matches your vehicle floor carpet color
  • Carpeted floor mats
    • All rows
    • Helps protect your interior from road debris and the elements
    • Engineered to fit your vehicle perfectly
    • Color-keyed to match the interior
  • Steering wheel, urethane
  • Manual tilt and telescoping steering column
    • Allows the driver to adjust the steering wheel up or down, and the steering column forward or back
    • Provides extra comfort when entering or exiting the vehicle
  • Steering-wheel mounted controls
    • Allow the driver to easily operate the audio system, phone interface and cruise controls
    • Controls are positioned intuitively to make them convenient and easy to use
  • 3.5″ diagonal Driver Information Center
    • Provides key vehicle information, such as vehicle speed, fuel range, average fuel economy, tire pressure, oil life, trip odometer and warning
  • 8-point digital compass
    • Located in the Driver Information Center
  • Power windows with driver and front passenger express-down
    • Quickly lowers the window with the touch of a button
  • Power door locks
    • Programmable
    • Allows you to lock and unlock doors easily whether it’s from the driver or front passenger seat or from outside using the key fob
    • Lockout protection helps you avoid locking keys in the vehicle
  • Keyless Open
    • Locks and unlocks your vehicle’s doors without having to use the key fob, increasing security and convenience
    • Lockout protection helps you avoid locking keys in the vehicle
  • Cruise control
    • Maintains a steady speed while driving
    • Automatically disengages when the vehicle’s traction control system needs to limit wheelspin on slippery surfaces or when the StabiliTrak® stability control system detects an oncoming skid
    • Set and resume speed functions
    • Steering-wheel mounted controls to easily maintain and manage cruising speed
  • Remote panic alarm
    • Use to assist in an emergency situation or help in locating your vehicle
  • Theft-deterrent unauthorized entry system
    • Sounds the horn and flashes the turn signals when someone attempts to open the vehicle without the proper key or remote transmitter
    • Helps deter unauthorized entry, helping to protect your vehicle and its contents
  • Tri-zone automatic climate control
    • Automatically maintains the selected temperatures for the driver, front passenger and rear seat passengers
    • Auxiliary controls in the rear of the cabin include air delivery mode and temperature up/down settings
    • Sensors strategically located around the vehicle constantly monitor the temperature, including solar heating from the windows
  • Interior humidity sensor
    • Continuously reads the temperature and humidity inside the vehicle
    • Automatically adjusts airflow to match the individual climate settings for both the driver and front passenger
  • Rear window defogger
    • Helps to keep your rear view clear
    • Utilizes a warming grid to remove fog or frost from the rear window
  • Rear heat duct
    • Provide additional cabin comfort for rear occupants
  • Inside rearview manual day/night mirror
    • Adjust the tilt of the mirror to help reduce glare during nighttime driving
  • Umbrella holders
    • Located in front door pockets
  • Driver and front passenger visors with illuminated mirrors
    • Include covered mirrors
  • Interior lighting
    • Theater dimming and delayed entry/exit lighting as you enter or leave the vehicle
    • Overhead courtesy lamp
    • Dual reading lights
    • Second row reading lamps integrated into dome light
    • Illuminated entry and exit feature
    • Door and tailgate activated switches
    • Cargo area
  • 10 total cupholders
  • Cargo storage, tray under rear floor
  • 3.6L V6 engine
    • 310 hp @ 6800 rpm
    • 266 lb-ft of torque at 2800 rpm
    • Variable Valve Timing and Spark Ignition Direct Injection
    • Includes Start-Stop technology that helps save fuel by automatically shutting off the engine when the car comes to a stop and the brake pedal is pressed; the engine restarts on its own when the brake is let up
  • 9-speed automatic transmission
    • Electronically controlled transmission with overdrive and Driver Shift Control
    • Smooth, effortless automatic shifting
  • E10 fuel capable
    • Allows your vehicle to operate on a fuel mixture of 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline that is sold in many parts of the country
  • Automatic Stop/Start
    • At complete stops, when drivers keep their foot on the brake pedal, and under certain conditions, the engine shuts off
    • When drivers remove their foot from the brake, the engine automatically restarts
  • Traction Mode Select
    • Allows you to select how your vehicle responds and adapts to various driving conditions
    • It allows for real-time control based on changing conditions
  • 3.49 axle ratio
  • Front wheel drive
  • Heavy-duty 600 cold-cranking amps battery
    • Maintenance-free with rundown protection and retained accessory power
  • 170-amp alternator
  • 6,160 lbs. GVWR
    • When properly equipped; includes weight of vehicle, passengers, cargo and equipment
  • Ride and Handling suspension
    • Fully independent suspension is tuned for a smooth ride and optimum handling
    • MacPherson strut coil spring front suspension with a large stabilizer bar and side-load-compensated front strut modules
    • Includes an independent 5-link rear suspension
  • 4-wheel antilock disc brakes
    • Help reduce wheel lockup and maintain steering control during hard braking on most slippery surfaces
  • Electronic parking brake
    • Takes the place of the manual foot actuated parking brake
    • Activated by the simple touch of a switch and can be operated even when the ignition is turned off
    • Brake is automatically set if the system senses the vehicle is parked on a steep incline
  • Capless fuel fill
    • Helps keep your hands clean of dirt and fuel during fill ups
    • Creates an air-tight seal around the fuel-pump nozzle when the nozzle is fully inserted and latched
  • Road emergency tool kit
    • Contains a jack and lug nut wrench for changing flat tires
    • Helps keep you prepared for the unexpected
  • Chevrolet Infotainment System with 7″ diagonal color touch-screen
    • 7″ diagonal color touch-screen for customizing and managing entertainment and vehicle feature settings
    • Bluetooth® streaming audio for music and select phones
    • Apple CarPlay™ capability for compatible phones
    • Android Auto™ capability for compatible phones
    • Voice-activated technology for radio and phone
    • USB port(s)to play stored audio files through your vehicle’s audio system
    • Auxiliary jack for connecting portable media devices
  • USB ports
    • 6 standard USB ports with 2 in each row
  • Built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi® hotspot
    • A strong connection to the Internet for up to 7 devices
    • Includes Data Trial for 1 month or 3GB (whichever comes first)
  • Active Noise Cancellation
    • This technology blocks and absorbs sound, as well as dampens and eliminates vibrations, helping to leave outside noise where it belongs

Thanks for reading about 2019 Chevrolet Auto Show incentives.  If we can be of any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

*Plus tax, license and fees.  Includes all available incentives.  Good through 2.28.19.




Watch The Electric Chevrolet eCOPO Camaro Pop A Glorious Wheelie

An all-electric future may not be so bad after all.

Last November Chevrolet unveiled something rather unique, the all-electric eCOPO Camaro. With 700 hp and 600 lb-ft of instant torque on tap, this drag racer is powered by a pair of electric motors which gets its juice from a 32 kWh battery pack. An automatic gearbox distributes all of that power to the same solid rear axle found in the regular production COPO Camaro drag racers.

The last time we the visually saw and heard the eCOPO Camaro was when Chevy released its own video of a silent burnout. We described the moment as “sounding like a vacuum cleaner.” Look, it’s one of the disadvantages when ditching internal combustion for electricity, but the actual drag race results speak for themselves.

Today, another video has been posted online showing the 2019 eCOPO Camaro doing its first run ever and, to our great enjoyment, it even popped a wheelie. We’re also being told it only used roughly 80 percent of its total power for its first run. Imagine it at full power and, in future model years, with numerous upgrades. As we said back in November, full electrification doesn’t sound completely terrible, only different. It’s just something we’re going to have to get used to.

But the eCOPO Camaro’s first time specs are very impressive: it completed the quarter-mile in 10.142 seconds at 130.85 mph. Imagine where these figures will be once Chevy’s engineers work out any kinks. After all, the eCOPO Camaro is only a concept, for now. Chevrolet has said it might offer electric crate motors like the one used here at some point down the line, but this still is not confirmed.

Still, the eCOPO Camaro could become a production drag racer in the very near future. Given GM’s previous announcements regarding its intent to become a global leader in all-electric powertrains, don’t be surprised to see concept become reality.

Looking for a gas engine Camaro?  Call our Customer Care Team or visit our website 24/7.  

Thanks for reading about the ecopo camaro.

Source: Watch The Electric Chevrolet eCOPO Camaro Pop A Glorious Wheelie

Throwback Thursday: Chevrolet Built An Impala Four-Door Convertible

 Chevrolet Built An Impala Four-Door ConvertibleThe Impala is both a muscle car and family car. But do you know that Chevrolet toyed with the idea of a four-door convertible. Find out more.

The XP-834, is built upon a 1965 four-door sedan body. According to an internal memo, the body incorporated several modifications.

Throwback Thursday: Chevrolet Built An Impala Four-Door Convertible

The convertible has been the focus of countless songs, movies, and even television shows, but in 1964, General Motors had an idea to build a convertible that was ahead of its time. On June 4, 1964, Chevrolet started outlining a program that would see a four-door, 1965 Impala become a convertible. The car was to be a design-study piece, meant for display at the November 1965 Detroit Auto Show. Dubbed project XP-834, the Chevrolet Caribe convertible sedan was to be completed by December 4, 1964. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts and even a strike at the Fisher Body Works plant caused that deadline to be missed.

Chevrolet Built An Impala Four-Door Convertible side viewThe car is built upon a 1965 four-door sedan body, that was procured from the Fisher-Janesville plant. According to an internal memo, the body incorporated the following modifications: no roof panel, rails or bows, no rear window, and would incorporate the front end and windshield from a convertible. The car also required rocker panel reinforcements, the use of heavier-gauge metal to create the inner and outer lock pillars, and finally, provisions for air conditioning.

With the program taking longer than anyone anticipated, on May 6, 1965 it was announced that management was losing interest in a four-door convertible, but the project would be able to continue. On July 9, 1965, another internal document states that the car was to be updated using 1966 Impala parts, and in October of that year, the transformation was still underway.

On September 29, 1965, with 99-percent of the work complete, it was decided that the car would not be shown at the Detroit Auto Show. There is no explanation why, just that focus was switching to the 1966 Chicago Auto Show. That plan was soon nixed, as on February 15, 1966, the car was withdrawn from the Chicago Auto Show at the behest of Mr. Elliot (Pete) Estes. Unfortunately, that’s where our paper trail grows cold, as the last entry states that on March 1, 1966, the car was not used at the Chicago Auto Show.

Chevrolet Built An Impala Four-Door Convertible Fisher BodyThere is not a lot of information that can be found about the car. In fact, a source says that the car was probably scrapped, but no one at the GM can recall exactly what happened after it was built. We were able to find out that a Mark II 396 cubic-inch engine and a three-speed automatic transmission was destined to power the car.

In regards to the interior, the work order/document outlining the project lists that a 1966 “E” Astro bench seat (model 1796-391), and 1965 Chevrolet six-way power adjusters were to be used for the front seat. Upon further inspection, it appears that in actuality, the Stratoback seat option was utilized. This seat not only gives a sporty look, but with a fold-down armrest, allows the car to carry six persons. Fisher Body Works was integral in the design and implementation of the windshield, windshield header and latches, modification of the doors, and the Infora folding top. The top was designed to fold flush into the body and then get covered by a hard boot.

Thanks for reading about Throwback Thursday: Chevrolet Built An Impala Four-Door Convertible.

For more view Source: Throwback Thursday: Chevrolet Built An Impala Four-Door Convertible

New color Kinetic Blue Metallic on 2019 Chevrolet Blazer

Check out this new color called Kinetic Blue metallic on the all-new 2019 Chevrolet Blazer.  This is an extra-cost exterior color but don’t you think it’s worth it?

What do you think of this bold hue?

Want to see it in person?  Call our Customer Care Team at 630-898-9630 to arrange a VIP demonstration drive.    Or, visit our webite 24/7.kinetic blue metallic exterior color 2019 Blazer in stock Ron Westphal Chevrolet

The Perfect Chevrolet Caprice Is Up For Sale

Chevrolet Caprice for saleA Jalopnik reader turned up this for-sale listing of what appears to be the perfect 1980s Chevy Caprice. So how much is it worth?

There are a couple different years of the full-size Chevrolet that you could argue are the very, very best. (The fishbowl coupes from the first downsized years of 1977-1979 are a personal favorite, as are the gruff 1965s and bubbly 1961s.) But it’s hard to argue that any of them offer a more stylish experience in the present day. And what is that experience? The 1980s Caprice represents courage in the face of adversity, or at least enough coke to cover it up.

Here’s how the seller starts this specific car’s eBay listing:

Hi, I’m selling my 1983 Chevrolet Caprice Classic. This is the ultimate testament of the bygone era. If this car could be any more ‘80s it would be wearing leg warmers and snorting cocaine off a picture of Ronald Reagan.

Under the skin this Box Chev is as normal as conceivably possible, with a small block and an automatic running power to the rear with body-on-frame construction.

It is simple. It is tough. It is The Car.

The car is for sale in LA showing a very tidy 66,000 miles, 600 away from being perfect. The roof has a chunk of missing paint but the AC, reportedly, blows cold.

At the moment, bidding is at $8,000 and the buy-it-now is 10.5, which both seems like a lot for an ordinary car, but nowhere near enough for what is, in a way, a true classic.

If you’re looking for something a little newer, check out our new Chevrolet Impala models or call our Customer Care Team at 630-898-9630.

Source: The Perfect Chevrolet Caprice Is Up For Sale

Neither snow nor rain

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. While the Postal Service has no official motto, the popular belief that it does is a tribute to America’s postal workers.

This motto could also could apply to our salespeople.  They are here everyday, ready to serve you-no matter the weather.

Neither snow nor rain keep Ron Westphal Salespeople from their duties
Neither snow nor rain keep Ron Westphal Salespeople from their duties

Introducing Brian Crunican, Rick Jacobsen, Robert Ithier and Chris Loftus.  These are just 4 of the 10 salespeople we employ.  And they are willing to brave the elements to pull up any vehicle you desire to investigate.  We will happily bring any vehicle inside our heated service entrance so you can inspect your potential next vehicle in comfort.

Today, it’s gonna be a below zero windchill for sure.  We sometimes see an increase in sales and service business when the temperatures drop so low.  Many vehicles don’t start or start sluggishly.  Sometimes your car just needs a new battery but sometimes it’s much more than that.

If you are looking for a vehicle you can depend on, we stock over 400 brand new Chevrolet models.  Or, if pre-owned is more your style, we offer over 100 late-model pre-owned and/or GM Certified vehicles on any given day.  We inspect every used vehicle prior to sale and the GM Certified vehicles come with 2 GM warranties at no additional cost to you!

Neither snow nor rain will keep our salespeople from serving you!  Hope to see you soon.

The Delorean is Back – select one of 300

The Delorean is BackThe Delorean is Back

The speedometer climbs as we race down a straightaway in Humble, Texas. As the needle edges to 60, 70, then 80 miles per hour, the 36-year-old automobile rattles and the wind whistles through the windows. Finally the DeLoreaon zooms up to 88 miles per hour and we feel, just for a moment, like we’ve gone back to the future.The Delorean is Back production picture

Then, a series of loud honks from the other side of the road, followed by animated waving, awaken us out of our speed spell. “We get that all the time,” says DeLorean Motor Company CEO Stephen Wynne, sitting shotgun. “That doesn’t happen with any other car.”

After our speed reverie, we pull back into DMC’s Texas headquarters, located in this Houston suburb. It’s a wet November day and DeLoreans line the parking lot. “It’s the only lot in the country where you see this many DeLorean at any given time,” Wynne says.

DMC’s headquarters doubles as a restoration garage and storage for thousands of original three-decade-old DeLorean parts. Soon, it will become an assembly hall for the revamped DeLorean.The Delorean is Back gull wing doors picture

The open garage door reveals cars in different stages of repair, some exposing their rear engine and others with their gull-wing doors open, steel birds ready to take flight. In all, three dozen DeLoreans are scattered in and out of Wynne’s DMC headquarters, all in the midst of being repaired and restored to their former glory.The Delorean is Back all lined up in a row picture

The DeLorean DMC-12 is more than a movie prop or simple automobile; it’s a long, strange legacy wrapped in stainless steel. That legacy, buoyed by the ongoing love for the Back to the Future films, keeps the car in the public imagination, and gave Wynne the ammunition to pursue a plan that’s much more ambitious than simply getting a 36-year-old car back on the road. He wants to build a brand new DeLorean, one created in the present using the roadmap of the past.

“I’m fiercely proud of DeLorean, but the car they put out could have been better,” says Wynne, “We’ve had thirty plus years of [research and development] and nine thousand prototypes that were made, all so I can make 300 really nice cars a year.”

Looking for something a little newer?  Visit our website 24/7. 

The Delorean is Back  – Read More at Source:  Read More

Meet our new salespeople

Meet our new salespeople!

We’ve recently hired 3 new salespeople to help keep up with all the traffic we have been receiving lately.   Maybe you know one of them?

View our Staff HERE 

We are proud to welcome Rick Jacobsen, Brian Bubak and Chris Loftus to our sales team.

Rick Jacobsen Ron Westphal Chevrolet salesperson Meet our new salespeople
Rick Jacobsen
Brian Bubak Ron Westphal Chevrolet salesperson Meet our new salespeople
Brian Bubak
Chris Loftus Ron Westphal Chevrolet salesperson Meet our new salespeople
Chris Loftus