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Happy Holidays from all of us at Ron Westphal Chevrolet!

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Amber saves over 20% OFF MSRP on a brand new Chevy Sonic

Amber Buys A New Chevy Sonic at Ron Westphal Chevrolet in Aurora, IL video.  CONGRATULATIONS AMBER!


  • The deals are so good we’re buying them ourselves!

Ron Westphal Chevrolet employee Amber talks about her favorite feature (remote vehicle start) on her brand new 2017 Chevrolet Sonic.

Download your free MyChevroletMobile app and turn your smart phone in to a mobile command center.

Remote start your Silverado on a snowy day, lock your compatible Malibu from an airplane, set parking reminders for your Cruze or view diagnostic information with a single tap. Your phone has never been so versatile.

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Ron Westphal Chevrolet is a recently renovated Chevy dealership located in Aurora, IL minutes away from Plainfield, Naperville and Oswego. We are also very popular with Chicago resident due to our massive selection of new and used vehicles and excellent customer service.

The adventures of Flat Armando

Who is Flat Armando?
Who is Flat Armando?

Flat Armando

  • Man, Myth or Legend?

Since the beginning of time, men have sought out the extraordinary.  Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and now Flat Armando.  Does this legendary creature really exist?  Can this fabled man’s survival be proven?  And, if found, how will he interact with modern society?

Thanks to Ron Westphal Chevrolet manager Paul Smith, we now have exclusive photos proving Flat Armando is not just an old wive’s tale.  He is real and he is here.

Flat Armando was recently sited in Princeton, IL.  And, believe it or not…a Chinese restaurant in Oswego.  The following unretouched photos prove that not only was this elusive man captured on film…he was able to capture the hearts of all who met him that remarkable night.

Will we ever see Flat Armando again?  No one knows.  “It was a magical evening”, says Paul.  “If we have learned anything from this…it was Flat Armando’s unwavering message of tolerance.  It really struck a chord with all of us.  And therefore, we plan to continue tolerating each other right here at Ron Westphal Chevrolet for many years to come.”

Flat Armando loads up on carbs in preparation for an evening of partying.
Flat Armando loads up on carbs in preparation for an evening of partying with his new friends!
“We are more alike than unalike.” –Maya Angelou
Flat Armando was a surprisingly great listener
Flat Armando was a surprisingly articulate and was able to suggest a plethora of viable solutions on subjects ranging from ‘world peace’ to ‘how can I get my spouse to shut up’?


30% of the time it works every time.
30% of the time it works every time.
Sleeping Beauty
This is the last known picture of Flat Armando. Totally exhausted and passed out in a stranger’s bed.  “That’s how I’ll always remember him” says Paul wistfully.  Then, in the morning he was gone…

Shaun Nichols explains Apple Car Play and Android Auto

Have questions about Apple Car Play, Android Auto, WIFI, bluetooth?  Would you like to find out about the latest Chevrolet technology?

  • Just call Shaun!
    Ask for salesperson Shaun Nichols at Ron Westphal Chevrolet 630-898-9630.

Ron Westphal Chevrolet is proud to have Shaun Nichols as a member of our sales team since 2014.