Misaligned Fender Could Cause Paint Chips On 2020 Corvette

Panel gaps up front rub owners the wrong way.

The 2020 Corvette looks and drives like a true world-beating performance icon, with neck-snapping specs and head-turning styling from front to back. Unfortunately, there are a few issues popping up that could sour the experience for some, including the news that a misaligned front fender could cause paint chips.

As outlined in a new post at GM Techlink, some 2020 Corvettes exhibit a small paint chip just below the headlamp where the fender panel lines up with the front fascia. The misalignment can occur on one, or both sides of the vehicle.  If you have any questions about your Corvette’s fit and finish please call our service department at 630-898-9630 or make an appointment online for a vehicle inspection.

To fix this issue, the fender and fascia joint fit must be realigned such that the panels are repositioned inboard and downward, which will make the two panels flush and hide the paint chip.

The fix is outlined in Bulletin #20-NA-124, and involves removal of the front tire and wheel, the front wheelhouse liner, and the front wheel opening molding.

As it turns out, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about panel gap issues on the 2020 Corvette. Back in April, we covered a video posted by the YouTube channel Daily Downshift, which outlined a number of imperfections on a recently acquired mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette, including the panel gap issues covered above. That particular vehicle also had a sizable panel gap near the rear of the vehicle, where the engine cover was also clearly misaligned.

While these issues aren’t the most impactful imperfections we’ve ever seen, they are still undoubtedly troubling for those buyers that spend big money to get their hands on the new 2020 Corvette. Fixing it also doesn’t sound like too big of a job, but still, for those buyers that demand perfection, misaligned panels and panel gaps are definitely quite annoying to see.

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Source: Misaligned Fender Could Cause Paint Chips On 2020 Corvette

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