LS3 V8 Camaro And Its Lumpy Cam Sound Absolutely Demonic: Video

LS3 V8 Camaro: If there’s one thing you don’t have to tell GM Authority readers, it’s that General Motor’s highly regarded line of Small Block V8 engines sound absolutely incredible. This is true for stock Small Block’s, but becomes even more true when the V8 in question has a big, lumpy camshaft and a few other upgrades.

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So while this video of a 416 stroker LS3 V8 powered Chevrolet Camaro drag car doing an performing an extremely loud dyno pull probably won’t be a surprise to you, we know you’ll appreciate it.

Road & Track initially turned us onto this video, which comes courtesy of the guys over at R.P.M. Motorsports in Garner, North Carolina. R.P.M. is home to some of the fastest LSX cars in the country, it says, offering dyno tuning and other work for anything with a GM Small Block. Whether it’s an Escalade, or a Camaro, R.P.M. can probably give it a ridiculous amount of power and cut seconds off its quarter-mile time.


The LS3 Camaro in the video is a stroker with 416 cubic inch engine – or 6.8-liters for those of you in the commonwealth and elsewhere. It also has a nitrous kit and a number of other upgrades, giving it an untold amount of power and an absolutely demonic idle and exhaust note. If you can believe it, this Camaro is still street legal, R.P.M. says, although we’re sure the owner’s neighbors (nor the police) appreciate the his insanely loud V8 race car.

This Camaro has won a handful of NMCA races as well, so it doesn’t just sound good – it can race, too. We’d love to see this wild, mean-sounding Camaro in action, but for now, you can check it out in the video above. Oh yeah, you’ll want to plug your headphones in for this one. What. A. Noise.

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