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2019 Chevy Silverado Power Tailgate

The 2019 Chevy Silverado Power Tailgate is finally here!

This awesome power tailgate has an electric motor and gear reduction in the bottom of the tailgate (replaces a torsion bar) and a pair of power-assist closure latches similar to Corvette doors closed once you close them.

There are 4 easy ways to use this new feature.

  1. Manually.  Yes, you can still open and close the tailgate by yourself.  But, when you open/close the tailgate manually it will start to come down or raise up by itself so don’t be surprised.
  2. Use the key fob.  Press the tailgate button twice quickly to open.  Press the button once and then again quickly and HOLD it to close the tailgate.
  3. There is a rubbery (electronic touchpad) button in the center top of the tailgate you can press to open or close the tailgate.
  4. There is a button in the cabin area (located in the center of the truck under the radio) you can press to power open/close the tailgate.

And yes, it IS still possible to remove the tailgate. Just unplug the power and camera connection near the middle of the base of the tailgate, then undo a retaining bolt at the right-side pivot (the motor reacts against this solid mount when raising and lowering the gate). The left side is a free rotating pivot. The change to aluminum for the tailgate saves way more weight than the motor and power latches add back in, so you’ll have an easier time manhandling this gate off and on. Loads on the tailgate are carried by the same cable straps you find on any pickup.

In addition there are safety features that won’t allow the tailgate to shut if fingers etc. are in the the way, or if items are resting on the tailgate.

The full power tailgate will be standard on High Country models and optional on LTZ models.

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