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Chevrolet Jolt Website update:  Someone created a convincing, yet fake website for a fake car: The Chevrolet Jolt EV.

With the Chevrolet Bolt on the horizon, it’s hard to believe the American automaker already has another electric vehicle up its sleeves. Well, it doesn’t and the Chevrolet Jolt EV is a creation by Matt Teske, who went above and beyond to not only register a domain name, but create a website that resembles something Chevrolet would have for its products.

And actually, the vehicle is one of Chevrolet’s products, if only a concept. It’s the Chevy Tru140S shown in 2012 and called by its maker “an affordable exotic,” though it has not been put in production.

On the Jolt EV site, Teske imagines what would seem to be the ideal electric sports car with an electric range of over 230 miles. Even more enticing is that it would be priced as low as $30,000 after federal tax credits.

Oh wait, that would be the Tesla Model 3 for some people – except Tesla’s entry-level offering is a sedan and it would be hard to mistake it for a sports car.

But still, it’s rather impressive the time and effort spent in creating the website along with numerous social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that helps make it appear legitimate. Alas, we can’t imagine it will stay live for very long as we’re confident Chevrolet and GM are preparing cease-and-desist letters to Teske, considering the Chevrolet logo is used throughout the website.

Chevrolet Jolt Website is fake.  But…

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