Why we bought a Chevy Equinox

Having sold vehicles at a car dealership for over 30 years, I’ve come across all types of SUV’s and Crossovers.  My husband and I chose to own the Chevrolet Equinox and I’d like to share with you the reasons behind that choice.

Reta in front of Equinox
Our Equinox On Feb 9th, 2018. We got about 11 inches of snow by day’s end.

more space

Spaciousness is the main reason why we bought an Equinox.  We recently purchased a new home and I knew we would be making a lot of trips to Home Depot, Mendards and Lowes.  I never even thought of how much help the Equinox would be when we actually moved!  It was a real godsend – it made moving the more breakable items easier than setting them in the back of a pickup truck.

We also wanted a vehicle my husband fit in comfortably.  He is over 6.2″ with a fairly husky build and we both fit great in the front buckets with room to spare.


We’ve ended up using our Chevy Equinox in several unexpected ways.

  1. When my mother-in-law broke her shoulder, the Equinox was the perfect vehicle to transport her to the doctor etc.  Plenty of room in both the front or back seat and easy for her to get in and out of.  Lifesaver!
  2. There was a fantastic deal on a used wardrobe cabinet online and I bought it immediately.  We had to go a few towns away and pick it up.  Yep, it turned out to be garbage (you get what you pay for) but the Equinox got it home in one trip.  My Malibu could not have done that.
  3. I love not having to reach down into a car trunk to retrieve my groceries.  I never realized how much I hated reaching into the back of the car trunk until I took the Equinox grocery shopping.  No more contortionist moves to get that can of peas rolling around.  YAY!


I think Chevy really hit the bullseye when it comes to exterior style. I’ve always liked the sporty look of the Equinox and over the years I think it’s progressed to a sleeker and more modern silhouette.  It is not too masculine and not too feminine either.  I’ve never liked anything crazy or too distinctive and I think Equinox offers the right amount of ‘tough, yeah I can handle anything’ with an equal amount of ‘yes, I am hip and current’.


While I am fine with front wheel drive, my husband insisted on getting all wheel drive…so we did.  And, seeing as we are expected to get a crap-ton of snow today, maybe he was right.  (He will tell you he is always right LOL!) We do always seem to drive the Equinox on all the bad-weather days and I feel very confident behind the wheel when the road traction is poor.


Hey, I’m not gonna lie here.  I work at a Chevy dealership (Ron Westphal Chevrolet in Aurora, IL) and I know I can get great service at work.  But, the thing is, I haven’t needed any service other than oil changes and tire rotations.  Our Equinox runs like a trooper and has started every day since we got it.  In my experience this is not uncommon.  Most all the folks that bought Equinox models from me in the past have had great things to say about their Equinox ownership experience.


The Equinox is the perfect size for our standard 2 car garage.  We have plenty of room to park both vehicles inside. (We own a Chevy Malibu as well)  It’s big enough to pick up whatever we need at our local home improvement store but not so big that it hogs up all the garage space.

What if

What if I was rich, owned a mansion and had a 4 car garage – would I buy a Tahoe or a Suburban?  Probably.  There’s nothing better than a full size Chevy SUV for road trips.  But I would still own an Equinox for all those trips in town.  A full-size SUV can sometimes limit where you can park.  My handy Equinox fits into almost any parking space making my life easier.  And easier is good.

If you are wondering if an Equinox would be right for you, feel free to contact Ron Westphal Chevrolet’s customer care team at 630-898-9630 and arrange a V.I.P. consultation or visit their website.

P.S.  (We bought a pre-owned Chevrolet Equinox this time because we knew we were going to be a bit rough on it due to all the rehab our new house needed.  We wanted something we could just throw a bunch of mulch or building supplies in the back and not worry about anything.  Next time, we’ll consider a brand new one.)

Author:  Reta Bohn


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