2016 Malibu Teen Driver

Malibu Teen Driver Video

Malibu Teen Driver is the all-new 2016 Chevrolet Malibu will debut a system, called Teen Driver, that provides parents with a tool to help encourage safe driving habits for their kids, even when they are not in the car with them.

GM has introduced technology to give parents more real-time control over their teenager’s driver education.

Officials with GM say the introduction of its Teen Driver technology to its 2016 Chevy Malibu vehicle represents a shift that many other companies will follow: one that incorporates more safety technology into the automobile.

GM’s system goes after teen drivers where it really hurts: it doesn’t allow the radio to be played until seatbelts are fastened.

“It’s a big hit so far,” said Patrick Hernandez, GM’s regional communications manager for the Southeast. “Parents can better educate their young drivers and help them learn to create good driving habits.”

Hernandez was in town last week to promote the new system in the region.

When parents enable the car’s data tracking feature, it gives periodic report cards on a driver, logging the distance traveled, max speed, number of times they drive more than a predetermined speed and how many times a front-collision sensor goes off.

It serves as a sort of password-protected digital report card for teen drivers.

In addition to the safety features, the Malibu also integrates with both Apple and Android phone operating systems, allowing hands-free text messages and alerts.

Hernandez said most consumers now live their lives on the phone and it’s important for the car industry to meet its customers there.

“That’s something that is really important because the phone is the future,” Hernandez said. “It’s how we connect to everything.”

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