Onstar Phone You Don’t Know About

You probably have a built-in Onstar phone and don’t know it.

Onstar phone in your Chevy
Lose your phone? No problem. You’ve probably got an OnStar phone in your Chevy.

Your Chevrolet vehicle probably has an Onstar phone built-in.  Yep, your GM ride has it’s own phone number too!

Onstar helps keep you connected even when your cell phone can’t.  It’s built right in your Chevrolet and can be activated with a push of a button. And, because it offers voice activated dialing it’s legal to use in your Chevrolet vehicle.  Just say the stored contact name or phone number for who you want to call.  Your hands never have to leave the steering wheel to make or receive calls.  It’s that safe and easy.  And, because the phone number is built right in your vehicle, you always have a reliable number to give to friends and family.

Even if your vehicle does not have bluetooth, you probably have Onstar personal calling.  Check to see if you have Onstar on your rear view mirror or dash.  If you have Onstar in your Chevrolet vehicle, then you have Onstar personal calling available.

Onstar’s signal is significantly stronger than an average cell phone. Shortly after hurricane Katrina, Onstar was one of the few ways that people were able to communicate with their loved ones.  Onstar hands free calling is connected to a Vehicle Comm and Interface Module (VCIM), which uses a cellular antenna on top of the car to transmit signals.  And, your Chevrolet’s Onstar cellular service has a better range than most cell phones with a full three watts instead of a regular cell phone’s 0.6 watts.

The odds are your GM vehicle is equipped with Bluetooth which is free for life.  Onstar hands free calling can be a bit pricey but you might be smart to purchase a small package of minutes so you can make calls in an emergency.

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