What to do if you can’t find a new vehicle

Can’t find a new vehicle?

What to do if you can’t find a new vehicle?  Here are some tips from Ron Westphal Chevrolet that can help put you behind the wheel of the vehicle you want.

Don’t panic.  There are still options out there that will provide you with dependable transportation.

What to do if you can't find a new car truck or suv
What to do if you can’t find a new car truck or suv?

Unfortunately, the microchip shortage is real.  And, even though vehicle availability will get better in time for the next few months you may have difficulty finding a vehicle to suit your needs.  Below are some tips that may help you find your perfect next ride.

Tips to find a vehicle in 2021

If a new car dealership is sold out of the new models you are looking for, ask to see their demos and service loaners.  Although these vehicles will have some mileage on them, it is usually under 7,500 miles.  And, these vehicles have not been titled so you could get the brand new vehicle incentives that are in effect at the time of delivery.  Demos and loaners are usually current model year vehicles and you may get extra discounts on these units.  

Ask your salesperson about inbound vehicles.  They may be able to tell you exactly when a vehicle is coming in and you could purchase it before it even hits the lot.  Not all dealers will sell or hold inbound vehicles but it doesn’t hurt to ask.  GM has changed there rules during the pandemic to allow dealers to lock in incentives on most GM inbound orders.  Most dealer’s websites show some inbound vehicles but NOT all of them!  See your dealer for details or call Ron Westphal Chevrolet at 1-630-898-9630 to receive an updated and complete listing of inbound vehicles.

Ask your dealership to buy a pre-owned vehicle for you.  At Ron Westphal Chevrolet we have online access to vehicle auctions all across the country.  We can purchase a vehicle on your behalf and have it shipped to our dealership.  We purchase all makes and models of cars, trucks, vans, crossovers, and SUVs.  Call our Customer Care Center at 630-898-9630 for details.

Can't find a new Equinox?  Try looking for a late-model GM Certified.
Can’t find a new Equinox? Try looking for a late-model GM Certified.

Why not consider pre-owned?  GM Certified vehicles are typically late-model vehicles that can be very nearly new.  All Certified vehicles pass a strict 172 point vehicle inspection performed at the dealership and come with a GM extended warranty at no additional cost to you.  You would be getting a dependable vehicle even if it technically wasn’t brand new.  Why not drive it for a while until new vehicle inventory availability increases.  Then, trade your Certified vehicle in towards the brand new vehicle.   Who knows…you may just fall in love with it and keep it for years to come.

Repair your current vehicle.  If your current GM vehicle is getting to the point where you usually trade it in, you may want to consider keeping it an extra year.  Take it to the dealership or a mechanic you trust and have them give it a thorough going over.  It may be worth it to spend money on maintenance repairs depending on what your vehicle needs.

Worried about higher mileage and breaking down in the future?  If your vehicle passes inspection and is within mileage and year limitations, you can purchase an extended warranty through your dealership.  Do NOT purchase an extended warranty on the phone from ANYONE!  They are a scam.  ONLY your GM dealership sells genuine GM extended warranties that are honored at all GM dealerships.  To inquire about purchasing a GM Extended warranty please call your local dealer or ask for Ron Westphal Chevrolet’s finance manager at 1-630-898-9630.

Thanks for reading about what to do if you can’t find a new vehicle.