1977 Chevy Van

Custom 1977 Chevy Van Is Part Cruiser, Part Cocktail Lounge

Hop Cap was a well-known purveyor of customized conversion vans that operated out of Bremen, Indiana in the 1970s. These vans featured all the custom add-ons that other 1970s conversion vans did, such as detailed airbrushed murals, fender flares,  chrome trim, a rear bubble window and shag carpet, but some went a little bit further than others with interiors that looked more like a bar lounge than a van.

This 1977 Chevy van built by Hop Cap is a perfect example of how the company would go above and beyond for customers that requested it. The exterior of this funky 1970s van is straightforward enough with its metallic blue paint, chrome Cragar wheels, railroad mural and bubble window – but the interior is what truly sets it apart.

Inside this Chevy van is a hardwood mantle/bar with cabinets, a sink and a mini-fridge, which is joined by a u-shaped couch with blue vinyl upholstery, blue window curtains, shag carpet trim and hardwood flooring. As such, the interior of this van looks like some sort of 1970s cocktail lounge. The metal lion insignias on the backsplash of the bar area, along with the two small lamps on either side of the couch, help give this rolling lounge a bit more ambiance as well. The treatment continues in the driver’s cabin with a woodgrain steering wheel, crushed velvet seats, custom wooden cupholders and more shag carpet trim.

Mechanically speaking, this 1977 Chevy van features a 350 cubic-inch V8, along with a three-speed automatic transmission. It has 122,087 miles on the odometer, so it’s been well enjoyed over the past 43 years or so. This custom van may be cool, but it doesn’t come cheap. The dealership that owns it, Paul Sherry Conversion Vans, is asking $70,995 for the opportunity to take it home – a huge sum for a custom Chevrolet van with rather high mileage if you ask us. Check out the listing at this link and the walkaround video embedded below for some more information on this funky 1970s party van.

For more view source:  https://gmauthority.com/blog/2020/08/custom-1977-chevrolet-van-is-part-cruiser-part-cocktail-lounge/