Detailed Video 2018 Chevy Traverse High Country Interior Jet:Loft Brown Leather

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Detailed Video 2018 Chevy Traverse High Country Interior Jet:Loft Brown Leather

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2018 Chevrolet Equinox Video Review

2018 Chevrolet Equinox Video Review.

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked, “What’s your favorite car?” I could buy that car. Even if it were an exotic.

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Truth be told, the vehicles that get my professional admiration are the everyday ones, the dependable workhorses that shuttle our children hither and yon, the cars that become part of the family. It’s easy to love performance machines or luxury vehicles with fur-lined glove boxes (not a thing, but you get the gist). But the car geek in me admires budget-restrained engineering teams who create affordable cars that are truly desirable. That’s a black art.

The all-new third generation Chevrolet Equinox crossover is more proof that under Mary Barra, General Motors has found its footing. The Equinox takes care of five people, does the chores, doesn’t drink to excess and looks good.

In the brutal automotive business, the compact crossover market is the most fiercely competitive. It includes not only the Equinox but also the Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5, Ford Escape, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rogue, Kia Sportage, Volkswagen Tiguan and Hyundai Tucson. The Equinox is critical to General Motors. Chevrolet moved 242,195 of them in the United States in 2016, which was second in volume only to the Silverado pickup truck. The 2018 model will probably sell quicker because it’s a far better vehicle.

Here’s why. The Equinox is more than four inches shorter now but retains the same interior space. The 400 pounds it has shed may exceed the weight of the young family who drives it. Let’s buy a round for the engineers.

The Equinox’s breezy design language, which also graces the Cruze, Malibu and Volt, could be used by Lexus in a parallel universe. One reason the second generation overstayed its welcome is that the original design for the third generation was so unloved in consumer clinics that it was scrapped. Good to know the Chevrolet team understands that ugly is forever once it’s on the road.

Friends and neighbors fawned over the Premier model’s cabin with stitched elements on the instrument panel. Owners will be staring at it for years in bad traffic, so glad it’s handsome. Budget plastics are placed below the center console where they’re seldom seen or touched. (It’s how wise product planners cut costs.) The center console is roomy enough to fit a single-lens reflex camera. G.M.’s touch-screen user interface, with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, is simple to use.

A base price of $24,525 will give pause to price-sensitive internet shoppers. Climbing to $33,975, my top trim Premier tester lacked available all-wheel drive and a panoramic sunroof. And adaptive cruise control is not even listed as an option. To be fair, the price includes vented front seats, a heated steering wheel and a surround-view camera system that some competitors

don’t offer. Generous pricing margins may allow Chevy dealers plenty of negotiation room. Get in there and haggle hard.

Considering the comfort and refinement, the effort may be worth it. The Equinox shines by delivering a polished and quiet dynamic verging on luxury brand levels. If the roads to soccer or Little League practice are rough, this suspension smooths the bumps. It’s respectable in the curves, too, without challenging the Mazda CX-5’s cornering chops.

Chevy’s supportive seats impressed my backside (though that’s a personal thing). A bonus: Set off the lane-keeping assist system and the driver’s cushion vibrates discreetly, with no tattletale chimes. It’s a marriage-saving feature first found in Cadillacs.

The standard engine is a 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder providing 170 horsepower and 203 pound-feet of torque. That’s hooked up to a 6-speed transmission that aggressively holds low ratios for fuel efficiency. This standard power plant is smooth with acceleration in the middle of the pack. The CR-V is a little quicker and efficient. The Environmental Protection Agency rated the average fuel economy of a front-drive Equinox at 28 miles per gallon versus the Honda’s at 30. A comparable RAV4 scores 25.

Any performance and efficiency deficiencies can be rectified in spades with two engine options. There’s a 2-liter turbo gasoline engine with 252 horsepower and a nine-speed transmission for Speed Racer. Scrooge McDuck may be interested in the four-cylinder turbo diesel paired to a six-speed that’s expected to return 40 miles per gallon.

The Equinox’s automatic engine start-stop system is smooth enough to forget about in many situations. Good thing because it can’t be turned off. Unlike the automatic all-wheel drive systems used by others, the Equinox requires drivers to enable it manually. (There’s a prompt to push the button when conditions warrant.)

Automatic emergency braking is standard on the RAV4, the 2018 Nissan Rogue and most CR-Vs. That safety tech is part of a $1,900 package on the Equinox and only available on the top Premier model.

The back seat no longer slides fore and aft (eliminated because some second-generation owners never knew it did). The space is generous with a raised seat cushion offering significant thigh support for adults and superior visibility for children. The back also sports two USB ports, a 12-volt socket and a 115-volt three-prong outlet, so there’s nothing that can’t be charged.

The days of Japan Inc. clearly outgunning Detroit & Co. on every level are gone. While my left brain admires the overachieving Honda CR-V, my right brain gives the nod to the comfortable, refined and stylish Equinox. Both engineering teams performed the black magic needed to make a mainstream car appealing. I won’t be around to nag you to test drive. So experience at least three vehicles before writing that big check. A tip? The Equinox is worth a look.

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Chevrolet muscle car event set for Bowling Green

Chevrolet muscle car event set for Bowling GreenChevrolet muscle car event set for Bowling Green

Registration and spectator tickets are now available for America’s definitive showcase of customized cars as part of the 2017 Chevrolet Performance CAR CRAFT Summer Nationals, Presented by Holley/MSD, July 21-23 at Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Ky.

This will be the annual event will be held in Bowling Green.

“This move to Bowling Green allows for true brand integration with all the Chevy presence in town,” said Craig Shantz, Manager, Chevrolet Performance Shows/Events and Specialty Vehicle Builds. “It’s a great venue for the future of CAR CRAFT Summer Nationals.”

Chevrolet Performance CAR CRAFT Summer Nationals showcases more than 2,500 performance cars and attracts upward of 25,000 enthusiasts from across the country over the course of three days. The 2017 Chevrolet Performance CAR CRAFT Summer Nationals will include, among other highlights:

  • faster open autocross
  • drift showcase
  • chances to test torque and horsepower against the best in the Dyno Challenge
  • Undiscovered Builders’ Invitational
  • Pro Builders’ Shootout
  • Midnight drags
  • drag racing challenges
  • burnout competition
  • professionally judged and awarded Show-‘N’-Shine Competition
  • The Performance Marketplace
  • Kids Zone
  • giveaways and activities on the main stage
  • chance to meet CAR CRAFT editors and photographers on site.

Hours and Ticket Information
Event hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, July 21, 9 a.m. to midnight on Saturday, July 22, and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, July 23.

For the chance to appreciate (and show off) the spirit of American cars, participants may register their vehicles to be a part of Chevrolet Performance CAR CRAFT Summer Nationals. Registration includes entry for one vehicle, driver and copilot, and one goodie bag. Pre-registration (available until July 18, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. CST) is $60 ($75 after July 18, 2017). Participants also will be able to register on-site during the event. For more information and to register, visit

Spectator tickets are on sale now and available at Pricing is as follows (if attending on Saturday includes Midnight Drags):

  • One-day ticket admission – $13 in advance, $15 at the gate (valid any one day)
  • Three-day ticket admission – $30 in advance, $35 at the gate

“The Car Craft Summer Nationals is a historic event with a life of its own and we’re excited to see it come to our home town,” said Bill Tichenor, director of Marketing, Holley/MSD. “Car Craft followers use products from our company as much as any car guys on the planet, so it makes perfect sense to sponsor this renowned event.”

For the latest information, visit, Facebook at Craft Magazine, email, or call 310-363-4231.

For hotel bookings please go to, or call 410-349-3000.

For additional information about Chevrolet muscle car event set for Bowling Green, read more at the Source: GM enthusiasts: Chevrolet muscle car event set for Bowling Green – Franklin Home Page

2018 Chevrolet Equinox 2.0T AWD Premier and 1.5T FWD Premier

2018 Chevrolet EquinoxWe had the opportunity to drive an Equinox FWD Premier with the base 1.5-liter turbo-four, and the new 2.0T AWD model back to back.

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — We are driving the all-new 2018 Chevrolet Equinox AWD Premier 2.0T AWD on the super smooth Natchez Trace Parkway. This road is perfect for the compact crossover and makes us appreciate the sedate, friendly ride and comfortably capable handling.

2018 Chevrolet Equinox 2.0T AWD Premier and 1.5T FWD Premier

The 2.0T designates the third-generation Equinox’s new optional engine, a 2.0-liter turbo-four that makes 252 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. But before catching our flight to the Music City, we had the opportunity to drive an Equinox FWD Premier with the base 1.5-liter turbo-four, an engine good for 170 hp and 203 lb-ft of torque.

Mated to a six-speed automatic, it will get to 60 mph in an eventual 9.2 seconds. Gas misers will be happy to know that the six-speed is tuned with fuel economy in mind and it upshifts to its highest gear regularly. Back home in Los Angeles, it did the job comfortably during rush hour traffic and around town hauling groceries.

The 2.0-liter is considerably quicker, getting the Equinox to 60 mph in 7.2 seconds. It was noticeably quicker than the 1.5T on the backroads of Tennessee, displaying decent passing power. Pound the accelerator hard enough and its nine-speed automatic will skip a few gears to help get you down the road. The first five ratios are close together and the powertrain gets the job done with minimal lag, at least with two adults and no cargo in the SUV. The bigger engine can also tow up to 3,500 pounds, according to the latest Chevy spec sheets.

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How much is a Chevy Bolt battery?

How much is a Chevy Bolt battery?
How much is a Chevy Bolt battery?

How much is a Chevy Bolt battery?


It’s one of the most common questions among electric-car buyers: what happens if the battery fails?

The answer is that all electric-car batteries are warranted against failure for either 8 years/100,000 miles or 10 years/150,000 miles, depending on which state you live in.

The followup is often: OK, then, what does a battery cost once my car’s out of warranty? Isn’t it going to be really expensive?

DON’T MISS: Nissan Leaf New Battery Cost: $5,500 For Replacement With Heat-Resistant Chemistry(Jun 2014)

We’ve known the answer to that question for the original 2011-2014 Nissan Leaf electric car with its 24-kilowatt-hour battery pack: $5,500.

But now there’s a new kid in town. The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV is the first affordable, long-range electric car, with a 238-mile EPA combined range rating from its 60-kwh battery pack.

So what does one of those cost to replace?How much is a Chevy Bolt battery?  Ron Westphal Chevy

We reached out to Chevy, and got the following response from Fred Ligouri of Chevrolet Communications.

How much is a Chevy Bolt battery?  Short answer:

The current list price of a Bolt EV HV battery pack is $15,734.29 and the part number is 24285978.


Ligouri went on, however, to provide some additional context around the sometimes worrisome topic of battery replacements.

The Bolt EV battery is covered by the electric-car propulsion warranty (see specifics below) and Bolt EV customers shouldn’t expect to pay parts costs for warrantied repairs.

In [almost seven] years of Volt sales we have yet to replace a single battery pack under warranty for general capacity degradation, and many owners are still reporting they enjoy the same range capability they had when they purchased the car.

How much is a Chevy Bolt battery? Image Ron Westphal ChevroletWhole battery-pack replacement is also largely mitigated by the design, manufacturing technique, dealer diagnostic, and repair tools included to support the manufacture, sale, and service needs of the Bolt EV, meaning individual modules can be replaced should it be required.

In addition to the 3-year/36,000-mile Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage, Chevrolet warrants certain components for each Bolt EV for 8 years or 100,000 miles (160, 000 kilometers), whichever comes first, from the original in-service date of the vehicle … for repairs to the specific electric propulsion components of the vehicle.

In other words, even if some component in a Bolt EV battery degrades or fails, the whole pack doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced.

CHECK OUT: Electric-Car Buyers Expect Battery Upgrades To Be Available

Thus far, based on first-generation Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric cars now in service for more than six years, degradation in the capacity of GM battery packs has yet to prove a significant issue.

That’s demonstrated, among other examples, by the case of Erick Belmer’s 2012 Chevrolet Volt. That car crossed 300,000 miles in March 2016, with no discernible change to its battery range.

Only time will tell how well the Bolt EV battery packs hold out, and of course the Volt’s gasoline engine provides backup to mitigate any concerns over range anxiety in that car.

Still, now we know the cost of a replacement Bolt EV battery—whether or not any of them end up being sold.

Source: How much is a replacement Chevy Bolt EV electric-car battery?

Chevy’s Hydrogen-Fueled Future

Chevy's Hydrogen-Fueled FutureThe Army has long coveted the technology because it brings a combination of desperately-needed fuel efficiency and near-silent operation to the battlefield.

Chevy’s Hydrogen-Fueled Future

On the outside, it looks like a sporty version of a mid-sized Chevrolet pickup.

But the Army has little interest in its camouflage-chic paint job, its custom wheels or its knobby tires. The Army wants what’s under the hood. It is not a motor.

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Meet the hydrogen-powered ZH-2, an experimental truck built by General Motors and recently tested by the Army at Fort Carson. It has no pistons, no cylinders. Instead it has a space-age fuel cell crammed under the hood that turns pure hydrogen into electricity to run the rig and water vapor that surges out its exhaust.

“One of the things you notice is how quiet it is,” GM’s Chris Colquitt, the lead engineer behind the truck said last week as the ZH-2 quietly whirred behind him.

The fuel cell has essentially no moving parts. It works like a battery that never runs flat because a constant flow of hydrogen and atmospheric oxygen keeps the juice flowing.

The Army has long coveted the technology because it brings a combination of desperately-needed fuel efficiency and near-silent operation to the battlefield.

The American military is the world’s largest consumer of diesel fuel, running up a tab at the pump as high as $13 billion per year.

In battle, fuel costs go up astronomically. Pentagon officials told congress in 2009 that diesel fuel at remote locations in Afghanistan runs more than $400 per gallon when transportation costs are added in.

Brian Butrico, an Army engineer overseeing the ZH-2 said the fuel cell sips fuel at less than half the rate of a Humvee. And unlike Army trucks that guzzle fuel while idling, the fuel cell shuts down.

“The feedback is positive so far,” he said.

Hydrogen used to power the truck isn’t something you can pick up at the neighborhood 7-Eleven. To go along with the truck, Butrico’s colleagues at the Army Tank and Automotive Research and Development Center in Michigan are building a “reformer” that can produce the hydrogen by refining other easily-available fuels.

The hydrogen-maker will be about the size of an Army trailer and could be hauled straight to the battlefield to fuel next-generation rigs.

Butrico said the utility of the fuel cell goes far beyond vehicles.

One of the military’s biggest gas-guzzlers overseas is the generator. At the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Army generators at forward bases converted 357 million gallons of diesel into electricity and ear-splitting noise each year.

In Baghdad, soldiers could determine their proximity to an American base by listening for the generators’ roar.

A fuel cell could kill the noise and cut the fuel consumption by half or more, the Army estimates.

The ZH-2’s fuel cell generates about 50 kilowatts of power that can be fed into its hulking electric motor or fed to other equipment thanks to handy power outlets in the bed.

“It’s the electrification of a vehicle,” Butrico explained.

The ZH-2 is no tree-hugging Tesla, though. It weighs in at more than 3 tons and its electric motor produces a transmission-shredding 256 pounds of torque, politely managed by several internal computers.

For its girth, the truck is surprisingly nimble, gliding easily over Fort Carson’s tank trails and gullies.

For all its charm, though, the ZH-2 will never wear Army green into battle.

The truck is an experiment designed to examine the fuel cell itself rather than the sheet metal and drive train around it.

Colquitt said GM engineers put the truck together in about a year by marrying the car maker’s experimental fuel cell to parts from several vehicles in its stable. The one-of-a-kind ZH-2 is about a quarter Chevy Colorado, part Camaro, part Corvette and part Volt, too.

The fuel cell itself was used in a wider consumer market experiment based on the Chevrolet Equinox, a vehicle commonly spotted on the sidelines of youth soccer games.

“We’ve pushed the boundary with this,” Colquitt said of the ZH-2.

The ultra-green pickup could be the progenitor for generations of hydrogen powered military vehicles.

“We’re investigating it,” Butrico said.

Read more about Chevy’s Hydrogen-Fueled Future at the Source: Colorado’s Fort Carson Pioneers Hydrogen-Fueled Future

Chevy Cruze diesel: REVIEW – Business Insider

Fantastic highway MPGs Cruze Diesel Ron Westphal ChevyIf you like a big-car ride in a small-car package, the Cruze is for you.  You can find an excellent selection of Cruze sedans and hatchbacks at Ron Westphal Chevrolet in Aurora, IL.

Fantastic highway MPGs Cruze Diesel

It’s hard to overestimate the importance that the Chevy Cruze played for General Motors coming out of bankruptcy and the bailouts during the financial crisis.

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Prior to the meltdown, GM had left small cars pretty much for dead. Detroit has historically struggled to make decent profits below the full-size sedan segment, while raking in the dough on pickups and SUVs. It only makes sense to let the Japanese and the Koreans dominate smaller vehicles — that was how these foreign automakers established their beachheads in the US, and small cars were what they did well and profitably.

Spiking gas prices exposed a vulnerability on this front, however. So GM decided that it would take the small car game back — and take the battle directly to popular vehicles, especially the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic.

Timing for the Cruze couldn’t have been better. It arrived with a decent dollop of American/European style at a time when Toyota and Honda’s offerings were beginning to falter, looking like transportation appliances. The Cruze was a hit, with three million vehicles sold globally, in various guises, since it debuted in 2009.

The second-generation Cruze landed in 2015, and for 2017, Chevy rolled out a turbocharged, 1.6-liter diesel four-cylinder version, equipped with either a nine-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed manual, making 137 horsepower with a satisfying 240 pound-feet of torque (diesels are well-known for their torque).

Okay, GM has been sued for claims that the Cruze diesel is “clean,” but we’re not going to got into litigation with this review, and in any event, the case is still open, and GM explained to Business Insider that it checked all its diesel vehicles for compliance after VW’s crisis. Chevy is still selling the car. And it does offer the only alternative to VW’s embattled TDI diesel cars in the US (the small-displacement motors that were at the crux of the Dieselgate scandal.)

Fantastic highway MPGs Cruze Diesel

Fantastic highway MPGs Cruze Diesel

Chevy loaned us a well-equipped $26,190 Cruze diesel — the base price is about $24,000 — with, yes, the six-speed manual. This happy combo would allow us to both sample the car at its best — because diesel and stick are two great tastes that go great together — and evaluate its vaunted fuel economy, claimed to be at 52 on the highway the best of any non-hybrid on the road.

The current lineup of Chevy (and GM) vehicles is very solid. GM has created what is essentially a rolling fleet of connectivity platforms, without sacrificing the identifies of the individual brands. So you feel a sense of familiarity when you switch from a Corvette to a Cadillac to a GMC.

With the Cruze, the impression is sort of small Buick. Unlike small GM vehicles of the past — notably the Cruze predecessor, the awful Cobalt — the impression is not “plastic, plastic everywhere.” Our tester came with a fetching “Cajun Red” paint job and an appealing two-tone “Jet Black-Kalahari” leather interior. The exterior design of this bow-tied four-door isn’t what anyone would call thrilling, but it isn’t a dreary econobox, either. And when it first arrive not quite a decade ago, it certainly showed Honda and Toyota that a little more flash was needed in the compact segment. Oh, and our car came with heated seats — a must-have on any vehicle if you live in a place where the weather turns cold.Chevy Cruze is a great cold weather diesel

Let me cut to the chase with the good stuff. One expects turbo diesels to be peppy, and while the Cruze isn’t a slug, the eight-second 0-60 time, as claimed by Chevy, isn’t head-spinning. It gets the job done. But what the Cruze diesel serves up is freeway excellence. The mpgs are 30 city/52 highway/37 combined. It’s the 52 number that catches your eye. And then out on the highway, with the Cruze tooling along like a much larger car, it’s what wins your heart.

The six-speed tranny, not so much. I struggled to get used to it around town, which is odd because all other GM vehicles with manuals have been sheer bliss (mainly Caddys and Vettes, of course, but still). It has a little trigger on the stick to engage reverse, and over time this got annoying. But that’s a minor complaint. The shifts are balky or grabby. They just aren’t that much fun. The steering is decent, but it’s aiming for smooth rather than crisp.

Otherwise, the Cruze diesel is fully segment-appropriate. Apart from the wonderful highway-cruising comfort, there’s adequate rear-seat space for small adults and statistically mid-range kids (big teenagers might feel cramped). The trunk can swallow enough for a weekend jaunt for a family of five or a week’s worth of groceries.  And don’t forget that there’s also a regular gas version of the Cruze (in both sedan and hatchback form), so you can get the vehicle without dealing with the diesel.Fantastic highway MPGs Cruze Diesel.  Find yours at Ron Westphal Chevy in Aurora, IL!

What helps the Cruze to stand apart is GM’s superb suite of infotainment and connectivity features, second only to Audi’s infotainment system. To get this much tech on a mass-market car for a sub-$20,000 price is impressive. There’s a responsive seven-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, USB and AUX ports, Bluetooth connectivity, SiriusXM radio, and OnStar with 4G LTE. That last one is the game-changer. It brings the Cruze’s capabilities up to the luxury level.

So what’s the verdict? Well, if you dig diesel but balk at supporting VW, the Cruze is all you’ve got when it comes to small cars (Chevy also uses a different emissions technology than VW, by the way, which requires a urea-tank replenishment every 1,000 miles, according to the carmaker). That said, if you dig diesel because you dig the driving dynamics, you might want to give VW a second chance. But if you like a big-car ride in a small-car package, the Cruze is for you. And let’s just remember that 52 mpg highway figure, which is pretty sweet — the full-tank range is over 600 miles.

Honestly, I enjoyed the car. Most of all, I think I respect Chevy for embracing choice and passing on yet another engine option to consumers. Diesel isout there, and it has some advantages. It’s only fair that if you want to buy a small car in the US, you have carmakers trying to provide customers with a diesel point of entry.


Read more about fantastic highway MPG’s Cruze Diesel at the

Source: Chevy Cruze diesel: REVIEW – Business Insider

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Training with Chevy Tahoes and the Delta Force

Chevrolet Tahoes available for sale at Ron Westphal Chevy in Aurora, ILU.S. federal, state, and municipal governments, and the military depend heavily on a fleet of toughened Chevrolet Tahoes to help them get around safely.

Training with Chevy Tahoes and the Delta Force

Watch any recent American war-based action movie or high-level governmental drama on TV and you’ll notice there’s almost always a convoy of Chevy SUVs whisking VIPs around with heavily armed escorts on board. It’s actually one of the things Hollywood gets right. Far from product placement, the real life U.S. federal, state, and municipal governments, the military, and various security services depend heavily on a fleet of toughened Chevrolet Tahoes and Suburbans to help them get around safely and effectively.

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Training with Chevy Tahoes and the Delta ForceAnd the specialized use of one of GM’s most successful model ranges in its history isn’t just confined to American soil. Wherever the U.S. has an official presence internationally, you can bet there’s a fleet of Tahoes and Suburbans at their disposal. Take the Army’s elite Delta Force, for example. When they’re deployed on a high-value target security detail or other special ops mission, chances are they rely on said fleet to accomplish their objectives.

Chevrolet Tahoe looks great on screen and in your drivewayIn an effort to underscore how effective their vehicles are in intense, real world situations, Chevrolet invited us to The Range Complex (TRC) in North Carolina, about two hours outside of Raleigh. Set in between the Army’s Fort Bragg and the Marines’ Camp LeJeune bases on 978 acres, TRC is a special-ops training facility founded by Delta Force veterans, many of whom have some 20-plus years of experience in the field under their belts. The military’s most elite fighters and other special operatives train at TRC to prepare for highly dangerous, highly classified missions and other security operations, like the raid by the Navy’s SEAL Team Six that took out Osama bin Laden, or the defense of the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya, during the siege of the facility in 2012. These guys are the real deal, and so are the Chevys they drive.

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Teen car thief thwarted by OnStar techs, Madison police say – WISC

MADISON, Wisconisn – A teenager, Dontrell Stamps, accused of stealing a car was thwarted by in-car technology Wednesday, Madison police said.

Car thief thwarted by OnStar

The Madison Police Department said a Chevrolet Cruze, equipped with the in-car security and safety communication service OnStar, was reported stolen out of Sparta. An OnStar representative called Madison police at about 8:30 a.m. to say OnStar was tracking the vehicle and it was in downtown Madison.

The stolen car went out John Nolen Drive with OnStar providing police in real time with its location, according to the report. Officers attempted to pull the car over, but the driver didn’t stop. Instead he entered the busy Beltline Highway headed west.

Back at OnStar, employees sent a message to the car using the company’s stolen vehicle slowdown technology, police said. The driver was trying to accelerate, but the car was instead slowing down.

The driver sideswiped a couple of cars before driving into a ditch near Fish Hatchery Road, police said.

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Source: Teen car thief thwarted by OnStar techs, Madison police say – WISC