GM Employee Pricing. Is that a real thing?

gm employee pricing save more at ron westphal chevrolet

GM Employee Pricing.  Is that a real thing?

In short, yes.  It is a real thing.  In fact, it’s a real good thing for both consumers and dealers.

During the GM Employee pricing for everyone sale offered in December 2018, consumers can purchase many new Chevrolet models at or below GM Employee pricing.  In the past dealers were not allowed to sell below GM Employee pricing.  Those limitations have been lifted for this December’s sale, allowing dealers to sell well below GM Employee price.

Many dealers stick to the GM Employee price and won’t dip below, but at Ron Westphal Chevrolet we are going the extra mile and taking additional discounts off the already low GM Employee price.  These are definitely the best values of 2018.  Feel free to shop online or call our Customer Care Team at 630-898-9630 for details.   We are known for our honest, up-front answers and complete transparency.  

GM Employee Pricing available at Ron Westphal Chevrolet

What’s in it for the dealer?

While the dealer may not make as much money per vehicle, the hope is they sell more vehicles than usual.  So, in the end the dealership still makes a nice profit.

What if I’m a real GM or Dealer Employee?

Don’t worry.  In addition to receiving the GM Employee price, GM is giving you additional cash back if you are a true GM Employee.

gm employee pricing save more at ron westphal chevrolet


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