2018 Chevrolet Colorado

2018 Chevrolet ColoradoRead our most comprehensive review of the 2018 Chevrolet Colorado’s standard features, trim levels, and available options.

Call it the Swiss Army Truck. The 2018 Colorado can do everything from off-road exploring and hefty towing to running school carpools. Chevrolet’s mid-size pickup is highly configurable and aptly skilled, with a trim for every occasion as well as the rugged-and-ready ZR2. It can tow a class-leading 7700 pounds with General Motors’ exclusive diesel inline-four—as can its corporate cousin, the GMC Canyon. The Colorado has two cab and cargo-bed styles that pair with several powertrain choices. A base 200-hp inline-four has a standard six-speed manual, a 308-hp V-6 is exceedingly quick, and a fuel-efficient diesel makes 369 lb-ft of torque. Its handsome looks and excellent infotainment system are undermined by a cheap-looking interior and limited active safety technology. Still, the Colorado is a multipurpose pickup truck that is clever and capable.

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Source: 2018 Chevrolet Colorado | In-Depth Model Review | Car and Driver

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