Camaro and Corvette driving shoes

Street Legal Style Driving Shoes

You don’t have to rip around a 32 degree banked turn at 200 mph to get good use out of a pair of Piloti shoes.  Car-obsessed celebrities love them, and serious drivers swear by them.

Chevy Camaro shoes

Looking for more than just Corvette or Camaro driving shoes? 

Visit our showroom at or drop by anytime.  You can reach our Customer Care Team at 630-898-9630.

Inspired by the Corvette C7, Piloti’s specialized co-branded ‘Corvette C7’ driving shoe is a modified version of Piloti’s popular Prototipo.  A distinctive black and red color scheme, official C7 crossed flags badging and race-inspired stitching are among the design features the ‘Corvette C7’ driving shoe shares with the Corvette.  Visit for details.

Corvette C7 Limited Edition Shoe
Corvette C7 Limited Edition Shoe




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