Silverado versus Ford

Silverado versus Ford

A 28 pound toolbox makes the Ford F150 cry “Uncle.”  It’s the old Silverado verse Ford story and the end results are in Chevy’s favor.  Again.

Take a regular old toolbox.  Something an average guy might have in the basement or garage.  Let’s make it a steel box that weighs 28 pounds or so.  And then, we’ll take that toolbox and throw it into aluminum bed in a new Ford pickup.  Why not?  General Motors did just that.

Silverado versus Ford
Silverado versus Ford toolbox test

The toolbox dented the F150’s stamped aluminum bed once.  It actually punctured the bed floor the remaining 13 times.  Yep, 13 out of 14 times the toolbox created an actual hole in the Ford’s bed.  And no, it wasn’t dropped from 6 stories.  It was pushed diagonally off the side rail of the truck.  That’s a real-life situation.  It’s a real-life situation that creates a hole in the bed of your pricey new Ford pickup.  Yikes!

Damage on Ford's pickup bed
Peek-a-boo. I’m your Ford F150 aluminum pickup bed.

Hokey dokey.  So, the Ford failed the toolbox test.  Whattabout Chevy Silverado?  GM did the exact same test to a new Silverado truck.  Although it did sustain some cosmetic damage (dents and scratches), it did NOT have any holes, tears or rips in the roll-formed high-strength steel pickup bed.  O.K.  So, Silverado got a couple of dents while the Ford bed actually had holes.

You really have to consider which vehicle is going to have your back.  Yeah, you might treat your new truck like a queen for the first month or two…but after the honeymoon is over the real you’ll be throwing a whole bunch of items in the bed of your new truck.  You know you will.  So why not answer the age-old question of Silverado versus Ford and throw your stuff in the bed of a truck that can take it and ask “Yes sir.  May I have another?”  Chevy Silverado.  It’s always the right choice.

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