GM Restoration Parts

Gm Restoration Parts.

The Most Authentic and Accurate Parts For Your Restoration

Visit HERE for a list of vendors licensed by GM to sell reproduction parts.

The mission of the GM Restoration Parts Licensing Program is to assist in the availability of quality reproduction parts for older General Motors vehicles. As an automotive restoration enthusiast, you have probably experienced, at one time or another, difficulty in locating and obtaining certain discontinued automotive parts. GM has worked closely with Equity Management Inc. (EMI) to develop licensees which will benefit the vehicle-restoration aftermarket.

GM assists licensees in obtaining original specifications, blueprints, and tooling (when available) for applicable parts, as well as the use of the Chevrolet Restoration Parts Emblem. These features allow for the manufacture and/or sale of quality parts with the same value and fitment as the original parts. EMI is GM’s exclusive agent trademark licensing representative for the management and administration of the Chevrolet Restoration Parts Licensing Program.

GM Restoration Parts
GM Restoration Parts

It was a chance find, based on a story recounted by a friend of a

friend. But there it was – the classic muscle car you’d been searching

for, hidden beneath a dusty tarp in an old barn. You worked hard, but

finally convinced the stubborn farmer to sell it.

With the car safely in your garage, the exuberance of the thrill of

the hunt morphs into the realization that a careful and accurate

restoration is needed to bring that vintage car back to its original

glory. That means more hunting for the right parts; everything from

the carburetor to the clamps that hold the fuel lines in place.

GM knows it’s the little things that count with a restoration. With

countless resources for restoration components, assurance that

you’re getting the most authentic and best-fitting parts comes when

you buy officially licensed GM Restoration Parts. They’re made by

manufacturers who build to GM’s specifications and label them

accordingly. Many even use original tooling for unparalleled accuracy

in look, feel and performance.

You can find licensed GM Restoration Parts for everything from

Grille badge from a 1969 Camaro. That’s right – an entire classic Camaro body!

Before purchasing any reproduction parts for your valuable project,

make sure the manufacturer is licensed by GM Restoration Parts.

With mint condition on your mind, licensed GM Restoration Parts are

the only parts that should go into your barn-find beauty.


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