2017 Trax restyled

The 2017 Trax restyled

2017 Trax restyled
2017 Chevrolet Trax restyled

In 2015, small SUVs comprised the fastest-growing segment in the industry, and with enhancements coming
to the 2017 Chevrolet Trax, we are in a position to win segment leadership.
The new, restyled 2017 Trax will play a pivotal role for Chevrolet in the highly competitive Small SUV arena.
Since Trax made its debut in December 2014, it has surged to No. 2 in the Small SUV segment with a 20
percent share of that market.
Trax has helped attract many new customers to Chevrolet and has earned the largest following among
women, by percentage (58 percent), of any vehicle in the Chevrolet lineup.
Now, we’re planning to build on that success and give Trax an even stronger presence with design
enhancements inside and out, technology upgrades and the latest available safety features.
We’re adding phone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility,1 plus available driver
safety alerts that could help prevent a crash or reduce its impact.
Of course, Trax will maintain all its proven benefits. Trax not only offers excellent fuel economy,2 but also
demonstrates that a small vehicle can offer unexpected benefits such as advanced connectivity, SUV
versatility and available all-wheel drive.
These style and technology enhancements are designed to ensure the new 2017 Trax stands out in a
segment with many competitors. As our small car portfolio brings younger customers into your showrooms, we’ll have more opportunities to win their loyalty.
The new Trax is scheduled to arrive at dealerships in fall 2016.

Brian Sweeney
U.S. Vice President, Chevrolet

Visit our website to find your perfect 2017 Trax restyled or a remaining new 2016 model.  If we can assist you further, call our customer care team at 630-898-9630.

2017 Trax restyled

2017 Trax restyled
2017 Trax restyled rear view


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